I love creating visual solutions.

Our Services

We believe that when you create with passion, magic happens.
Here are some of the services we offer.

Brand Development & Design

The face of your business is your brand; it needs to represent what you provide as well as speak to your company’s personality. Big or small, we can help you express your style!

Photo Editing & Restoration

Need a pimple removed? Shine on the forehead? Or did an old print photo get damaged from wear and tear, water or age? We have the patience and skills to restore and edit your photos to their original beauty.

Website Design

Thanks to the invention of WordPress and Shopify, Design Sprout can easily help you find a web design that will work for your needs. We can assist with initial setup, layout and site management. While our expertise is print design, we can help guide your journey to web.


Figuring out how to share your brand visually and promote your services, can feel overwhelming at times. Which social media platform should I use? What’s a Twitter handle? Do people really use Pinterest for business? We can guide you through this and more.

Print Design

From billboards to brochures, buttons to banners — we’ve got you covered.

What services can we provide for you?