“With good design, you don’t have to shout to be heard.”

About Us

Design Sprout can help you reach your audience through a variety of avenues,
without being obnoxious. 
We carefully listen to your needs and educate ourselves on your competition. 
Part of our responsibility to you, our client, is to challenge your needs and
to carefully guide your journey towards the best possible solution. 

Corine Green

Is the owner of Design Sprout and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from Northern Illinois University in 2000. Since then, she has been working in the design industry full-time, while operating Design Sprout part-time since 2002. In January of 2016 Corine started her freelance work full-time and has been enjoying working with clients such as SimonMed Imaging and Banner Health.

In addition to graphic design, Corine has a passion for photography, nature, staying active, and holistic nutrition. You can learn more about her personal side at ZucchiniRunner.com.


My Passions

  • Photography
  • Nature
  • Staying Active
  • Holistic Nutrition

Let our knowledge and experience help drive your business forward.